About Us

NJ Celeste Interior Design and Project Management is a one stop shop for all your home development projects. Large or small projects are treated with the same integrity and dedication leading to high quality results that meet our clients' requirements. We prepare and manage budgets, keep a close watch on all expenses and advise our clients of any changes prior to the works being carried out.


Prior to training at KLC School of Design in Chelsea Harbour, Tash Heydon was a Production Manager for international television company TWI.

During her time at TWI, Tash was based in Hong Kong for two years, travelling throughout Asia and the Pacific Region, including long periods in China This has considerably broadened her experience.
She now brings a unique understanding of working in challenging situations which may explain her “can do” attitude. An innate sense of adventure has defined Tash’s life and shaped her working philosophy.



We work hard to ensure all suppliers deliver on time, on the agreed budget and to our clients' specifications.

We have no in-house repetitive style. Each project is unique according our clients brief, budget, and the property's architecture and location.